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Saturday, May 28, 2005



The maildirmake command creates maildirs, and maildir folders.

maildirmake [ options ... ] maildir



create a "sharable" maildir. A sharable maildir has slightly different permissions which allows creation of publicly-shared folders.

-q quota

Install a quota on the maildir. See "Maildir Quotas", below.

-f folder

Do not create a maildir, but create a folder in an existing maildir.

-s mode

create a publicly accessible folder in an existing sharable maildir. First, use the -S option to create a sharable maildir. Then, run maildirmake again with the -s option to create publicly accessible folders. mode is a comma-separated list of the following keywords:

read - readonly folder, only you can write messages to this folder

write - anyone can read and write messages to this folder

group - only allow members of your own system group to access messages in this folder (instead of everyone).

--add name=pathname, --del name

Create or delete the directories and links needed to access shared folders.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger PICCORO McKAY Lenz said...

does qmail support the sahed extended from Maildir++ ?


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