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Monday, May 30, 2005


By default qmail can only serve users in /etc/password, that is system users.

If we want to povide free email to all our visitors, we have to make system user for each email account. But we do not want this.

By using vpopmail with qmail, we can store email users info in MySQL instead of /etc/passwd

This will allow us to host more than one domain in a server (qmail installation).

vpopmail is provided by inter7.com


vpopmail usualy installed in


in FreeBSD it will be in


You can find vpopmail commands at


freebsd# pwd
freebsd# ls -l
total 3572
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 150205 May 26 01:14 clearopensmtp
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 156265 May 26 01:14 dotqmail2valias
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 154045 May 26 01:14 vaddaliasdomain
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 158436 May 26 01:14 vadddomain
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 158093 May 26 01:14 vadduser
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 157902 May 26 01:14 valias
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 153998 May 26 01:14 vchangepw
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 168220 May 26 01:14 vchkpw
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 160509 May 26 01:14 vconvert
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 153537 May 26 01:14 vdeldomain
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 177305 May 26 01:14 vdelivermail
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 155854 May 26 01:14 vdeloldusers
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 153722 May 26 01:14 vdeluser
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 155969 May 26 01:14 vdominfo
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 151539 May 26 01:14 vipmap
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 151609 May 26 01:14 vkill
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 152954 May 26 01:14 vmkpasswd
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 169898 May 26 01:14 vmoddomlimits
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 158286 May 26 01:14 vmoduser
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 154310 May 26 01:14 vpasswd
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 159823 May 26 01:14 vpopbull
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 155521 May 26 01:14 vsetuserquota
-rwx--x--x 1 vpopmail vchkpw 159903 May 26 01:14 vuserinfo


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